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A4 illustrated colouring book for budding artists and readers of all ages. 


A fun collaboration with New Zealand artist Bruce Mahalski introducing young children to the alphabet by colouring in!

You don’t have to colour the book in if you don’t want to. You might just like to read it! 

And if you do colour it in you don’t have to colour in the animals the colours they are in real life. 

Just have fun while you’re doing it.

Some of you might already know that some of the awesome animals in this book are rare or possibly in danger of becoming extinct. If you like animals and would like to learn more about them and how to protect them you might like to join the Kiwi Conservation Club – this is an awesome group for children run by Forest & Bird. They’ve got a great website, a cool magazine and there are also trips you can go on! You can find them at

New Zealand A-Z Colouring Book

  • Illustrated, designed and printed in New Zealand.

    This illustration has been created by Helene Hall (me). 

    Copyright is not transferable with the sale of this item. 

    The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

    © Helene Hall.

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